Brat Princess 2 - Chloe, Sasha - Chloe Files Chastity Complaint Against Male Coworker

Added: 21-03-2019

1080 HD Chloe walks into Sasha’s office to file a complaint against her coworker, danni. Chloe finds danni’s behavior disturbing. For one, danni’s chastity is way too lose. And another thing, danni has tried to make eye contact with Chloe on several occasions. He is just way out of line and he is making Chloe feel uncomfortable. Sasha calls down for danni. Danni arrives at Miss Sasha’s office naked and in only his pink chastity device. Sasha takes her position as the sexual harassment prevention coordinator very seriously. She will not stand for danni making any of the women in the office feel uncomfortable. Sasha confronts danni and tells him that he is making Chloe feel threatened. Danni apologizes, even though he isn’t sure what he’s done wrong this time. Chloe points to his chastity, “He can get an erection in there and I don’t feel safe!” Sasha agrees. The chastity is too big. Danni will need to be refit immediately. Sasha presents danni with a smaller model. Danni argues that he doesn’t think the teeny tiny chastity will fit. Sasha is disappointed. She threatens his job. Danni cowers. Sasha reminds danni that they can also always file a sexual harassment lawsuit against him and strip him of not only his job, but everything else. “Do as your told, or we’ll ruin your life,” Sasha tells him. Danni finally agrees to squeeze himself into the smaller chastity. He tries it on in the bathroom and then returns for the women to inspect it. Chloe and Sasha still don’t think it is tight enough. They plan on ordering and an even smaller one and fitting him into that when it arrives. It will do for now, so they send danni back to the mailroom, but plan to switch it out when the even smaller chastity comes in.

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