Mistress Ezada Sinn - Matriarch Ezada Sinn makes Her chattel eat his own cum from Her sweaty arse

Added: 08-12-2023

I am very sweaty after My workout, but My stupid chattel forgot My sweat towel. he will be punished for this; I know eating his own cum is a limit, but I am going to make him do it. First, he must take the place of My sweat towel. I want him to start by licking My armpits, but the pathetic boy is too tiny to reach. I lean down so he can lick them, but I don’t like this position. I tie him to the exercise bench to use him as I want. I sit on his bound body, making him aroused with My wet body. My butt is very sweaty, so I sit on his face to make him smell My sweaty arse. I can see how aroused he is, and sitting on his dicklet only makes him hornier. his tiny appendage gets lost between My arse cheeks. I permit him to ejaculate, but I am not going to make it easy, and his bobbing dicklet tells Me how horny he is. I don’t need to touch his silly thing, all I have to do is rub it with My arse, and he cums in a nicely ruined orgasm. Now it is the moment he was dreading; he must clean all his cum from My divine arse. From now on, he will eat his own cum whenever I allow him a release, but that won’t be for at least six months.
What is the place you deserve in My harem? Use the right markup code at the checkout if you want to be noticed:
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