Miss Ruby Marks - Alexia's Maid Training

Added: 21-10-2023

The full length clip of all of alexias maid training:
My sub girl alexia has made repeated mistakes regarding general household tasks and other duties that she has been asked to perform. I have finally reached the end of My tether and have ordered her to enter maid training. she will be dressed as frilly little maid just like the sissies and taught exactly how to serve Me properly. I make her explain exactly what she has done wrong so she understands her transgressions and then watch as she dresses herself in the little maids outfit I have brought with Me. alexia hates being a girly girl and is very embarrassed to be treated like a dolly and dressed up as a maid. She is mortified in fact at her mistakes. 
I often refer to alexia as My dumb-dolly in My Toy Box of submissives to play with. Theres a reason for this and all of her mistakes only add to this reputation
I have her put on each of the items until she looks like a pretty little frilly maid dressed in little white stockings and suspenders, frilly little panties and and her black and white maids outfit with a black tutu as she explains exactly why this is necessary. At the end I have her on her hands and knees to get spanked before she enters the next stage of her training.... how to make Me a proper cup of tea the way I like it.... 
I am wearing a gorgeous deep green velvet kimono set.
alexia is in dire need of some maid training. 3 years into her servitude and she cant even make Me a proper cup of tea. she also pulls the most offensive face anytime I mention foot worship and once and for all she WILL learn to worship My feet and boots properly and give them the reverence they deserve. 
First off is tea training, dressed in her frilly little maids outfit she has to make My tea. she invariably gets everything wrong and is punished with My cane. I expect the best from those in servitude to Me and not knowing how to make Me a cup of tea exactly the way I like it is a punishable offence. I pull her panties down and cane her with My new black whangee. 
After I am satisfied she understands what makes Me a good cup of tea she takes it through to the lounge where I begin her foot worship training. she must start with My boots, cleaning the soles and making sure all the filth is in her mouth and not on My boots. Im fed up of her telling Me she doesnt know what to do so by the end of this she will know exactly how to worship My beautiful bare feet. she will worship them every time I see her until finally she will seek out this fetish having connected it to Me in her head permanently. 
At the end of this training I remind her what her worst transgression to date is and I explain exactly what her next lesson is going to be... the dirty dolly will be spotlessly clean by the time Im done with her. 
My dumb dolly alexia has been dolled up in a frilly maids outfit and sent to maid training for being a disappointing dirty dolly, leaving hair in My bath last time she stayed. So dirty dollies get dunked in the bath. I make her clean the bath tub with her tongue before making her get in fully clothes. The dollies must be clean, I wont tolerate dirty dollies in the toy box unless theyre being dirty in the right ways. I dunk dolly over and over in the bath tub and then finally drag her out and make her lick My armpits clean. Dirty dollies get My filth in their mouth or no filth at all. I dunk her under again before pulling her back and slapping her round the face a few times. I grab her by the throat and remind her shes a wet, filthy dolly and pull her hair. I tell her she WILL become the dolly maid I want her to become or shell be a dunked dolly over and over. 
Im wearing a gorgeous green velvet kimono but I wish to remove it so it doesnt get wet and I can dunk the dolly as much as I wish. 
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