AmericanMeanGirls - Princess Amber, Princess Skylar - Yell If This Hurts

Added: 25-02-2024

Princess Amber is relaxing on the bed taking hot selfies of herself when one of the house slaves brings her a package that was just delevered. Its a new ball shocker and Princess Amber wants to try it out, NOW! So she instructs this loser to put the thing on and tell her how painful it is at each level of shock. It might be tedious for the princess to sit there and shock a slave to make sure it hurts really bad, but its totally necessary to make sure the ball shocker is working properly.
Not long after Princess Amber begins shocking the slave, Princess Skylar comes in and asks if its okay if she practices her whipping in the room since the master bedroom is sooooo huge. Princess Amber doesn't mind and continues taking selfies and shocking the loser with the ball shocker while slowly increasing the intensity. Princess Skylar uses a bullwhip to practice her whip strength and accuracy on another slave's back.
The yells don't seem to bother amber since the one getting shocked is also getting louder. Princess Mia is running camera and decides to zoom in on Skylar as she whips the loser again and again. Princess Mia even calls in another house slave so she can sit while filming the whole thing. There's actually TWO cameras going at the same time, so the footage moves back and fourh between the whips and the ball shocking as each slave yells louder and louder.
Eventaully Princess Amber brings her slave over to Princess Skylar and the girls have a little competition on who can make their slave yell louder? hahahahahah it must be like SUPER PAINFUL for these losers by the way they are yelling at the tops of their lungs LOL, so pathetic!
- Miss Lexi Chase
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