Brat Princess 2 - Cali Carter - Chastity Slave Dresses its Princess

Added: 26-05-2023

720 HD: Cali Carter has a date with her boyfriend tonight. She has her chastity slave help dress her. The little chastity slave struggles with her lingerie. It has clumsy fingers around the beautiful Princess. Cali wants to look perfect for her boyfriend. She makes the little slave kiss her butt. Cali doesnt think she likes this pink lingerie set. She wants red. Cali sends the slave after the red set. It returns and helps Cali undress. The slaves dresses Cali in the red lingerie. Calis boyfriend likes red. She tells the slave to kiss her butt again. Cali inspects the slaves chastity. She reminds it that its Princess wears the key. Cali makes the slave get back down on its knees and admire her butt. She wants to try on a third lingerie set. The slave crawls to get her what she wants. It brings the wrong set. Cali sends it back into the closet to get the right one. The slave dresses Cali in the third lingerie set. She asks the slave for its opinion. It says that she looks beautiful. Cali admires her body. She has the slave adjust her panties. Cali decides to dress the slave in her least favorite lingerie set. It wears her rejected panties. Cali giggles as the slave models the lingerie. It twirls as she points and laughs. Cali grinds her butt against the slaves chastity. He cant get hard. She sends the slave to fetch her blue lingerie. It returns and dresses Cali in the blue lingerie. Cali wants the blue shoes to match. She makes the slave crawl to her with her shoes in its mouth. The slave helps Cali put on the blue shoes. Cali models her outfit. She asks the slave if it thinks her boyfriend will like it. Calis boyfriend might like it enough to rip it off her body. If her boyfriend rips the lingerie while hes fucking her, the slave will have to replace it. Cali makes the slave lick her ass before adjusting her panties. Cali asks the slave if it will pick her up tonight. It says it will. It will have to pick Cali up from her date the second she calls. While shes out, the slave will have the task of hand washing all of her panties. She sends the slave to bring her its wallet before she heads out. (14:29 long) Clip contains: Cali Carter,, Brat Girls, Chastity, Cuckolding, Dressing, Bra & Panties, Servitude, Ass Kissing, Ass Licking
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