American Mean Girls - Princess Alexandria, Princess Skylar, Princess Amber - Your Porcelain Girlfriend

Added: 11-09-2023

This slave of mine is such a pathetic slut.  I whore it out and make it work for me in all manners of ways.  But he actually had the audacity to say he wanted a "girlfriend".  So I gave him one...OUR TOILET!  And I make sure to explain to this idiot that MY TOILET is literally the BEST it could ever do because NO girl would ever "date" a freak like him.  He is LUCKY that I use it as my servant.
Princess Skylar and Princess Alexandria are in the bathroom with me getting ready for our dates with REAL men later, so they help me humiliate this fucker.  Alexandria makes him "make out" with his new "girlfriend" and reminds him that we ALL just got done "using" his porcelain girlfriend right before this!  LOL   
Then I decide to make it go the next step to "please" his new port-o-potty girlfriend lol.  I command him to french-kiss it.  And then literally EAT HER OUT HAHA.  Then...we all decide to make it actually FUCK his TOILET-GIRLFRIEND!!  OMG it sooo entertaining watching this loser trying so desperately to "have sex" with a TOILET!  OMFG...  And he is trying SO hard to "please" it.  Its fucking hilarious when you see a slave's dignity just get destroyed like this.
I make sure this idiot knows that IF it can cum, its worthless beta sperm will go INTO A TOILET- where it BELONGS!!!   And if it CAN'T cum and please its girlfriend, then it will get its cock locked up in chastity for a MONTH!
Can a slave even please a toilet??  Watch the video to find out!  My favorite line:  "motorboat that porcelain pussy!"  LOL!
- Princess Amber
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