AstroDomina - Goddess Sydney, Goddess Sloan - OUTNUMBERED PART 1

Added: 18-09-2022

I love dealing in the slave trade.. especially when it comes with fun surprises!
Somewhere in the hills, in a house there was a struggle.. Goddess Sydney has teamed up with Goddess Sloan and found their way into an unsuspecting man's house and now have him right where they want him - tied up, gagged and cock caged. They could simply rob him blind of course, but they have even more nefarious plans for him. He moans and tries to fight his bonds, but it's futile. There's no escape and no where to go, and even if he did manage to get loose, they have him outnumbered!
They're having some fun with him when suddenly they hear something at the door. They weren't expecting anyone to come by and Sloan goes to look out the window. She can't believe what she's seeing – it's Gisele, also tied up and begging for them to let her in. She let's her in and Gisele explains that she just escaped from a dungeon nearby, where she was held until she saw her chance and managed to hop away in search of help!
Well, how unfortunate for her, because Sydney and Sloan are slave traders, and when they see this they can't believe their luck! They were going to make a pretty penny off this guy, but why sell one slave when you can sell two for twice the price! Sloan quickly throws Gisele on the couch and gags her. Too bad for her she went from one bad situation to a worse one.
Astro and Sloan decide to have a little fun with them before moving them to a new location, and tie them both up even tighter and put leashes on them. How pretty they look don't they? They're like two little pets now. Well pets, it's almost time for some serious fun, so get ready to go for a ride!
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