American Mean Girls - Princess Amber - Merry Cuck-mas 4K

Added: 17-09-2022

I am explaining to one of my cucks that my boyfriend I really wanted to get him a "special" gift this Christmas. Something that is from BOTH of us, and that he will truly cherish. After all, he dedicates his entire pathetic life to driving us around, paying for our dates, running our errands, and basically waiting on us hand and foot 24/7. And to be quite honest, we both use him, work him into the ground, and treat him like absolute trash.So I pull out "our" gift to him- one of our recently used condoms! After all those nights on his knees outside our bedroom door listening to our loud, passionate he will FINALLY get his reward!The poor cuck doesn't look appreciative enough to me though! I explain AGAIN where this condom has been, and that it is FRESH and FULL! He needs to think less about what is inside the condom and MORE about what the condom has been inside! (ME!) He needs to open WIDE so I can deposit his "gift" into his mouth... As I do it it, I explain that this gift is way better than the expensive designer clothes that he had to buy for both his Masters this year...he should be more grateful!!"Open that cuck mouth of yours and show me that BETA SMILE!"Princess Amber
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