American Mean Girls - Princess Mia - Kitchen Foot Mop - Foot fetish

Added: 31-07-2021

Princess Mia walks through the kitchen- and the bottom of her feet are NOT clean enough! She needs them CLEANED! And a slave tongue will do nicely... The Mean Girls always have a house slave stationed in the kitchen with its head bowed to the floor, ready to be USED for whatever they want. Mia uses its big head as literally nothing more than a stepstool to get up onto the countertop. She doesn't care if she smashes its nose into the floor underneath her. It is a SLAVE- it is an object that can be used for however she WANTS.

Princess Mia then commences to use the slave to clean the filthy soles of her beautiful feet, all while reminding this piece of human garbage beneath her just how stupid and insignificant it is. Mia likes being really mean to slaves and hurting them emotionally. It just makes her happy to say mean things to them, make them lick her feet, and remind them how much better she is than them.

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