Bratty Foot Girls - Onyx, Mia - Lose the Game, Smell the Feet (4K) - Foot Fetish

Added: 08-06-2021

Bringing back a classic BFG storyline! Onyx and Mia are playing a new game that's just come out on the app store. Jason seems interested in playing and shows some bravado. They decide to up the ante and offer a bet. Whoever loses the game has to do whatever the other two want. The three of them start the game and before Jason knows it, the two brats have already won the game. Now they tell him to stand up and close his eyes. He does as they say and before he knows it his hands are tied and mouth is taped. The brats then make him get on his knees as they peel off their stinky sneakers and shove them in his face. The smell is overwhelming as he can't believe his two friends would do something so humiliating to him. The cheesy vinegary stench is rubbed all over his face. They pinch his nose between their toejam filled toes as he has to huff them over and over again, they use him like a foot stool as he is completely turned into their foot bitch.

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