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Added: 17-08-2020

It's my world bitches... you're just a squirrel, tryin' to get a nut... and that's doubly true at the Mean Girl Manor losers... LMFAO!

As I'm sitting on the Throne, there are three pathetic bitches kneeling on the floor dying to be of use to Me... so of course I'm gonna have some fun with them and show them how pathetic they are and how out of their world I am... I start off calling them all up in front of Me, questioning them, belittling them, treating them like the brainless dolts they are.. (you beta bitches are a dime a dozen...)

I watch them tell Me how perfect I am, how honored they are to be at My feet, and how they would literally do anything to be of use to Me... after the first one nearly chokes himself trying to get out 1,000 words in 30 seconds, the next one sounds like its nearly in the grave speaking so slow I have to start whacking it with My crop to get it to finish its monotonous bullshit.. then the new lil teeny-slave rounded out the herd of idiots with something that sounded like a fetish haiku of adoration... lol..

And each of these freaks wants so badly to be of use to Me, I can simply play them off one another...

:: Hey old man, are you really going to let this teen mother fucker beat you with his purple prose?

:: Wow, do slaves really lose all their intelligence when they lose their hair?

:: Wait, young bitch, do you really only work one job when each of these old coots has three?

How fucking pathetic... all three of these fools begging and trying to one up each other for the chance to lick the soles of My shoes or taste the sweat between My toes... fucking peasant and fossils... what a joke...

So I return to the Q and A as an easy excuse to insult and beat them more... (Did you really think anything a slave says is ever the RIGHT ANSWER??? Ummm, that'd be a NO...)

Question, Insult, Beat, Repeat...

Maybe that'll become My new Mean Girl Motto.. but they keep trying, and I keep insulting and beating... HAHAHA.. and sure enough they are addicted as within minutes the furry ass teen slave is already asking if it can take off My heels and get a closer look at My Divine Feet...

Howsa bout NO slave bitch.... I say when things happen, and you rushing and pushing things is going to get your ass corrected, insulted, and beat more...

Then the stupid old fossil chimes in and gives a random speech about what its learned in the million years it has been on earth and thinks that might be enough to remove My heels... Nope, Strike Two... how about the middle-aged bald ass mole rat... nope, he gets more retarded with every answer...

My level of disgust with these idiots is approaching a level none of them wants to see so the senior citizen tries to lighten the mood by offering to show Me its ass... OH HELL NO GRANDPA... why the fuck would I want to see that??? Oh, because Goddess Platinum tattooed and branded your stupid geriatric ass.. Mhm... exactly, you bitches are fucking cattle to Us...

My God, how does anyone put up with these losers if they aren't beating them or kicking their balls into their throat??? After dealing with old man ass shaking it like he was Twerking I decided to smack his fresh injuries with My crop a few times and he promptly promised Me I could tattoo his forehead or brand his body anywhere I wanted..

And of course a promise like that raised the stakes across the board.. next thing a slave is deep throating My heel showing how it could make Me money with its mouth (yep, definitely pathetic...) and they kept going until I decided to change things up and really put them to the test... what happens when the heels come off.... HAHAHA.... work little bitches... work for your Deity.... LOL

I dumped the stank old coot first and sent him to kneel with his nose against the wall.. leaving the ugly teenage Clark Kent versus the middle age mole rat... bitch versus bitch for the title of Goddess Draya's Best Little Foot Faggot.. (I mean do you really think either one of these losers actually ever touches a woman if it isn't licking Her feet?) And that's exactly what they did for Me... massaging, then kissing, then full foot worship to doing anything and everything I say exactly when and how I say it...

But guess what, even slaves can occasionally surprise a Goddess... One of these two idiots had an "Ace in the Hole" with a new way to pamper My feet that I had never even considered.. and that advantage put him well in the lead... (Meanwhile, grandpa continued decomposing against the wall hoping for the afterlife to come and steal him away from his humiliation..) Eventually only one loser remains, and it gets its reward... the true Heaven of time alone with My feet all to itself.. while the other loser joins the arthritic dinosaur with its nose to the wall...

Get the clip and see what you can expect no matter how good you think you are at being a submissive little slut for Mean Girls.. This clip runs over thirty minutes, and is loaded with verbal humiliation and degradation, loads of quick strike crops across loser bodies, and a full assortment of foot worship, fetish, and humiliation.... In other words, treating beta boys like the worthless trash they are..

So click buy now, or add to cart, and make the purchase and make Me happy loser... Chop chop... you need to hurry up and get this paid for and then go out and find yourself another job so you have enough money to keep Me as well paid as these losers do....

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