BlazedBrat - Stinky Sneaker and Foot Sniffer

Added: 08-12-2023

I know all the things my slave loves! I also know what he HATES! Like STINKY SMELLY FEET. Today I am editing a video and I just so happened to wear my SMELLIEST SHOES all day long! I start by tying my slave's hands up so he CANT MOVE and then tape his mouth closed SO HE HAS TO BREATHE THROUGH HIS NOSE! With my full weight on his chest, there is NOWHERE for the slave to go! I begin by teasing him with my shoes before quickly pulling them off to reveal my STINKY MISMATCHED SOCKS! They are damp with sweat and sticking to my feet! The slave gags and cried as I lower my sweaty socked soles right to his face. The slave gasps and gags as I make him smell between my toes, rubbing my socked soles up and down his poor face! After a few minutes, I slowly peel off my socks, making the slave SNIFF MY FOOT FROM HEEL TO TOES! My feet are SO STINKY after being in my shoes all day and you can see just from the sight of my socks! Slowly I take off my socks and begin rubbing my feet up and down the slave's face! He tries to turn away and open his mouth, but I keep his head upright and even reapplies the tape multiple times! There is NOWHERE TO RUN TO! The video ends with me covering the slave's nose with my stinky sweaty toes! I look at the camera and exclaim, I REALLY need a NEW FOOT SLAVE!Read More
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