Licking Girls Feet - ALISA and KARINA - Meeting In The Forest - Foot Domination and Humiliation

Added: 30-11-2023

Part 1 - DAY. Alisa and Karina met today in the forest for a walk with their stupid pet. It was a very unsuccessful meeting for a stupid slave. The girls put a collar on him and order to slave crawled on his belly like an insignificance. Alisa made him lick the dirt from the sole of her sneakers and Karina without hesitation ordered it too. The girls put this idiot on his back and began to wipe their dirty soles on the slave’s tongue. When they smoked, they shook the ashes in his mouth and spat at him. Not to mention how much they insulted him. A very pathetic sight. As soon as they got tired of him, the girls sat down and the idiot crawled towards them. And then they ordered him to lick off all the dirt from their bare feet and soles. It was a lot of fun for Alisa and Karina, but I can't say the same thing about the slave. (English Subtitles)
Part 2 - EVENING. Alisa and Karina missed the of a slave and on the same day, in the evening, they decided to humiliate him again. Girls talk on different topics and think about how to humiliate an idiot more. First, he licks their dirty soles of the sneakers and they play different humiliating games with him. He must lick their soles in turn and not be mistaken at the same time. After this, the slave worships bare feet of the girls. Alisa and Karina laugh and constantly insult the idiot and decide to light cigarettes. Suddenly, Karina runs out of cigarettes and she pushes an empty pack into her slave’s mouth and the girls order him to chew it. It is very funny for them and humiliating for a slave. Then they get their feet dirty on the ground even more and order this slave to clean their very dirty feet. How pathetic and disgusting this idiot is. (English subtitles)
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