Licking Girls Feet - Angela Helen And Salma - Great Gift For Older Women In Their Old Age Full

Added: 29-11-2023

Helen often gets together to chat with her friends Angela and Salma. They are the same age and adult women and they have something to discuss. They remember their young years and they have fun together. When the topic of conversation turned to their slaves, Salma began to tell her friends about how she humiliates her stepdaughter chloe and her step-sister monica .. Angela remembered how she and her step-daughter Sarah humiliated the slave polina .. Helen told about her step-granddaughter Nicole who has a lot of slaves . "Let's invite my step-granddaughter Nicole over and chat about it together." Helen suggested. The women happily agreed. They are interested in talking with young people, because in their years there was no such thing. Helen called Nicole and invited her to tea. After some time, Nicole came but not alone .. she decided to make a surprise for adult women and took her slave marina with her. Angela, Helen and Salma were surprised that Nicole did not come alone, but they were delighted and wanted to have fun with a young slave. The surprise worked. Nicole ordered marina to crawl up to the women in turn and sniff their socks. "Hahaha! I haven't changed my socks for a long time. I hope you don't get sick from the smell? or do you like it?" - Angela had fun when the slave began to sniff her socks. "Yes, Mistress! I really like it" - marina had nothing more to answer. Thus, Nicole led the slave by the leash to each Mistress. marina inhaled the scent of mature women's sweaty socks and thanked them each time as they continued to chat and discuss her. They put their socks into the slave's mouth and she sucked the sweat out of them. "You stupid slut.. don't you see that my step-grandma's and her friends' bare feet also need worship? Don't forget that my feet are sweaty too!" Nicole said. marina licked the feet of Angela, Helen, Salma and Nicole in turn while they taunted her. In the end, Nicole wanted to leave the slave to adult women as a toy for entertainment. "Excuse me my dears, but I have to go. I'll leave this whore to you.. do whatever you want with her, lol!" The women said goodbye Nicole warmly and ordered marina to sit under the table and wait for their orders. The women continued to communicate on various topics, but now with a slave under the table, who was faithfully waiting for their orders. Angela, Helen and Salma finished their dinner and discussed a great present from Nicole. They wanted to test the slave marina and then decide whether to leave her to them or not. "Let's finally check how good this young bitch is at foot worship.. do we need her or not?" - Offered Salma and the women agreed. They ordered marina to worship their feet as well as she could. marina did not dare to upset her adult Mistresses and began to throughly worship Angela's feet. The slave worshiped Angela, Helen and Salma's bare feet in turn while they discussed her efforts. marina, sticking out her tongue to the maximum, diligently licked the soles of her adult Mistresses and sucked their toes. Is six feet of adult women a feasible task for a young slave? marina is ready to do anything to serve and obey Angela, Helen and Salma, but the decision will remain with them.. Having proved her devotion, marina remained to serve her new adult Mistresses. Angela, Helen and Salma went for a walk and returned in the evening. Of course, marina faithfully waited for their return near the door. As soon as the women entered, the slave took off their shoes and began kissing their feet and hands in greeting. She bowed at their feet and told them a lot of compliments. marina swore allegiance to them and women liked it. After that, the women sat on the sofa and continued to discuss their new toy marina. "Look what a good girl, she is ready to worship us always and everywhere" - Angela, Helen and Salma chatted among themselves while marina massaged their tired feet and complimented them without stopping. She kissed their feet and hands and idolized them. A great gift for older women in their old age.
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