Miss Courtney - Cum Beneath my Casadei Blades

Added: 25-10-2023

The absolutely gorgeous bombshell Miss Courtney receives a Christmas gift today from one of her slaves. Brand new Casadei Blades, but he didn't wrap the gift. Come on, really ? How's the Christmas present if it's not being wrapped. Miss Courtney would forgive the slave (or maybe not), because these are her favourite stilettos.
Looking so hot wearing very nice black shirt, black leather pencil skirt and those gorgeous shoes Miss Courtney seems very happy. So the slave is allowed to kiss the brand new shoes, but only a few kisses in the beginning of the clip. The Mistress has something else in mind for that slave. She would love to see him suffering while using her brand new shoes by crushing and trampling his cock and balls. Miss Courtney knows very well that the slave is very vulnerable there, so she's having so much fun putting pressure on his cock and balls. Actually the slave's cock looks even more attractive beneath the Casadei Blades of Miss Courtney. Can you imagine that ? Her elegance of doing all that is so worth watching. I mean you know her style, so what else can we say. Just enjoy it please.
The slave is not allowed to cum without permission of course. Miss Courtney enjoys watching him being so excited but not being able to cum, which is so sadistic. There will be also a little bit of soles licking and some light balls kicking and you can see that watching the preview for a moment. Towards the end of the clip the slave asks for permission to cum and he's allowed to do it. But after that he is not just dismissed as Miss Courtney wants to use his balls as a footstool while reading her book and this is basically how the clip ends.
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