Club Stiletto - Mistress Kassy - Mistress talks to Boyfriend while slaves Worship Feet

Added: 25-02-2024

It's a beautiful day and gorgeous Mistress Kassy is sitting on the patio chatting to her boyfriend on the phone. This entire scene is her talking to her lover, about him fucking her and other kinky things, while two of her slaves worship her feet. "Since you're not here to fuck me I think I'll have my slaves attend to my feet" she tells him as she calls her pets in who are kneeling on the other side of the deck. "They just came crawling in here like dawgs" she tells her boyfriend. Meanwhile, the neighbors seem to be having a party and she says they'd probably love if she went over but she's horny so will stay at home until he arrives. "I'm so horny for your cock right now" she tells him. She says her slaves will probably want to fluff him when he arrives. She tells the slaves to suck her big toes and who ever does the best job gets to fluff her boyfriend. "The loser has to suck my mans dick after he fucks me up the ass" she adds. One slave seems a bit confused as to which is the big toe so he'll likely be sucking dirty cock soon. Kassy calls the slaves pathetic then takes a gulp of her drink and spits it in the slaves faces. "These slaves have such tiny cocks, they're both virgins" she says and adds she's torn between permanent chastity or just turning them into eunuchs. She says they will never use them but then of course she would miss the CBT and she'd hate to miss out on that. She tells the slaves they get to keep their balls then looks at the camera and whispers "for now." Now Kassy tells the slaves to lay their heads on the ground so she can use them as foot stools. "When my boyfriend gets here we will start making out and you will be under my feet" she says as she rubs her feet over their faces. She gets into graphic detail about how he will slip his hand into her panties and then remove them and maybe fuck her right there. "He'll sit on the chair and I'll hop on his lap and ride him and you'll be down there trying to see what you can see" she continues. She then laughs as she notices the slaves have both got erections. Kassy tells her boyfriend to come over now. She hangs up the phone and has a final little chat with her slaves, just another glimpse into the everyday life of a Goddess.More
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