ClubStiletto - Mistress Mercy Rage - Forest Foot Feat

Added: 23-10-2023

Mistress Mercy is so cruel. She is resting on a blanket in the forest waiting for her slave to catch up. She made him crawl all the way. Sure it was an inconvenience having to set the blanket out herself but worth it to see the slaves struggles. As soon as he gets there she tells him her feet are sore from walking and she needs him to worship them. She makes him start by kissing the soles of her dirty trail shoes, they're nasty.

ercy wonders if there are any bears out there and says it would be funny seeing him try to crawl away while she runs ahead. "What an honor to kiss my shoes" she tells him before telling him to remove them and sniff the inside of both. The slave loves her odors. Now she tells him to sniff her socks then to remove them. The slave is anxious to get to her feet but he has to work for it first. Next she tells him to remove the socks with his mouth but she catches him cheating and pulling at the sock with a hand. She has him hand her a broken branch to use as a switch. As he licks her soles and sucks on her toes she crops him. She is even nice enough to wave a foot in front of the camera for you so you can see her crinkled soles and spread toes. Mercy is tired and wants to go home, she tells the slave he will have to give her a piggy back ride.

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