American Mean Girls - Princess Skylar - Rating My Stilettos 4K

Added: 14-03-2023

This poor loser thinks that it can just "dress up" like a girl, and that it will be able to go out to the club with me! Like it is anywhere NEAR as pretty as me lol! I explain to it that it makes an UGLY girl and nowhere NEAR my standard! I would never want to be seen in public with this freak!
In fact, just to drive home my point- I command it to lay on the floor in front of my mirror so I can simply USE it as a thing to STAND on while I try on different stilettos with my outfit! Because it is literally THAT far beneath me!! Plus, this is a great way to practice my balance in each pair of heels to make sure they will be super stable and comfortable at the packed club later! My new poor little "slavegirl" is so humiliated as I stand on it and check out my outfits in the mirror. It is like sooo ugly that I am literally WIPING MY FEET OFF ON IT! LOL
I am a hot girl- and "IT" is NOT! And it better get that through its head. Not to mention the PAIN it is in as it is underneath my stilettos. But I don't care though. I just keep standing on its tiny little beta-bitch body, sinking my heels into it, while I make it "rate" my heels and "fit" combo! This beta is so tiny that it is almost smaller than me lol. But I am standing on it in stilettos anyway. I just don't care about slaves. Their suffering doesn't really matter to me tbh. I even make the inferior bitch crawl back and forth to "fetch" each of my stilettos to try on. I do this intentionally to remind it that it is INFERIOR compared to me. I even use its TONGUE to wipe the soles of my stilettos on! haha I think by the end, as its ugly ass is staring up at my hotness with my sharp stilettos drilling into its body beneath me as I laugh at it...
I think it finally understands that it is NOT on my level. It needs to know its place- and that is SERVING Me!! Oh, and wait til you see the pair that I finally select at the end to wear out to the club! lol
- Princess Skylar
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