ClubStiletto - Lady Bellatrix - Look what your balls Did to Me

Added: 12-01-2023

Lady Bellatrix has just busted her slaves balls (You came for It) and as this scene opens the slave is laying on the floor crying. Rather than feel sympathy for the slave Bellatrix is outraged because all the kicking has hurt her feet. She tells the slave to crawl across the floor to bring her the throne.

Once comfortably seated she has the slave use his mouth and hands to worship her feet. She first tells the slave to apologize for the bruise on her foot and reminds him that he is one that should be feeling pain not her. After begging to worship her feet she tells him to start by licking all his skanky ball sweat off of them. She then has him rub her feet, suck her toes and then sticks her foot completely into his mouth. She fucks his face with her foot and says he must be a terrible cock sucker the way he is gulping and swallowing as she thrusts it in and out of his head. Lot of verbal humiliation in this clip and nice angles of Bellatrix's perfectly pedicured feet. "A pathetic specimen like you should be eternally grateful that you can even make contact with any part of my body" Lady Bellatrix reminds the pathetic slave. "This is probably the best day of your life" she tells him and he agrees having his balls battered and worshiping her feet is something he will never forget. We especially enjoy the ending of this clip as Bellatrix adds an extra element of humiliation and then laughs hilariously at what she is witnessing.

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