AmericanMeanGirls - Princess Alexandria, Princess Skylar - Daisy Duke Foot Gagging

Added: 08-01-2023

Princess Alexandria and Princess Skylar are upset that this beta didn’t give them ENOUGH tribute this week. Mean Girls ONLY care about using and exploiting losers for MORE $$$!!! In exchange, the Alexandria and Skylar decide to use the slave to make more money off it by using it to film foot gagging content!!  Yay! Fun!!
Princess Alexandria and Princess Skylar completely degrade and humiliate this pathetic foot pig. Eventually, the girls are even somewhat satisfied with how much of their feet it can fit into its mouth (even REALLY gagging at points to get MORE of their feet down its throat for them!  It is like SOO desperate to please us!) and therefore it earned its new slave name “The Throat G.O.A.T.”!   Hahahahaha Its stupid slave mouth gets stretched out so much after awhile that it remained like permanently opened.  (like its mouth wouldn't even close all the way anymore after we took our feet out LOL)
Not to worry though, they have a back-up slave ready and waiting for them to use to keep making MORE foot gagging content! One girl holds the slave's stupid head and shoves it forward while the other girl sits on a another slave and shoves her foot down the losers throat! (We literally just use betas like furniture around here and think nothing of it LOL.)
And when one mouth is just not enough, they utilize both slaves at the same time- because more slaves means more throats to gag with their feet and MORE $$$! Hahahahaha

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