American Mean Girls - Princess Amber - Lick My Sweaty Ball Busting Feet

Added: 24-11-2022

I had just got done filming some ball busting content, THREE different losers and FIVE different clips. Thats like an hour of ball busting, not counting the ball kicks I took in between to stay warmed up and flexible. So you can only imagine how sweaty my feet were in those boots, not even wearing socks! (That’s pretty sweaty LOL)  Its funny cause like as a slave, you would think it would complain about licking feet that had been so close to a bunch of loser’s balls lmao (not that it would get a choice in the matter anyways)
As the slave licks my toes clean, I talk about the party I wanna have which means the slave will have to work double shifts for like two weeks straight. Its doesn’t mind because it LIVES to please me in any way that it can. During this clip, I get a call from my bestie Lexi Chase and I tell her about all the losers that tried out that day and completely forget that this loser is beneath me licking my sweaty ball busting feet hahahahaha.
- Princess Amber
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