Young Goddess Kim - Foot Queen of the Nile

Added: 22-11-2022

The Foot Queen has acquired a new male servant who is stripped naked and sent into Her private chambers. From now on, the slave is to consider itself lucky to be bound to Her divine feet. The Foot Queen of the Nile snaps Her fingers and summons the slave to grovel beneath Her sacred gold sandals. She explains what its new sole purpose entails and commands it to get to work immediately. What follows is the ritual of worship the slave is to perform with reverence every day. The Foot Queens feet are hot and sweaty being in patent leather sandals all day and the slave must lick them clean after removing Her shoes with its mouth. Licking Her soles and toes and tasting Her sacred foot dirt is an honor. Then the foot bath is prepared and The Queen soaks Her feet, enjoying humiliating Her new slave. From now on this foot bath is the slaves drinking bowl and it may only lap up Her foot bath water on all fours like Her dogg. This amuses Her and She dunks his pathetic face into the water with Her divine feet, laughing at his struggle beneath Her. Generously spitting Her wine into the bowl for it to lick up too. After licking Her feet dry, She orders the slave to rub oil into Her soles and allows it to worship Her shiny, fragrant feet before being used as Her footstool. She puts on a new pair of strappy gold sandals, pressing Her sharp heels into its unworthy flesh. Finally, the slave becomes objectified as Her carpet as it licks Her shoe soles that rest on its face.

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