Club Stiletto - Miss Sadie - More Office Humiliation and Pain for johnny

Added: 20-11-2022

Its been hard for poor johnny as he struggles to impress his boss Sadie and avoid being fired. In this third and final scene johnny comes into the office and tells his boss that he has the file she wants. As he opens the file he mishandles it and all the documents fall to the ground. As he goes to his knees to pick everything up Sadie rolls her eyes and says "What am I going to do with you, I have you on hormones and I wanted you to look more attractive and here you are with facial hair and sloppy male clothing, its not suitable." Sadie then tells johnny that their special customers have been complaining that he doesnt want to suck their cocks after they have fucked him up the ass. He complains that he doesnt like sucking their cocks after theyve been in his ass but she tells him its not his call. Hes only of value to the company as a slut and he does as told. She sticks her foot in johnnys face and makes him lick and suck it. He sucks the toes, licks the soles and then takes her entire foot into his mouth. She catches him looking at her pussy and admonishes him for looking at something hell never get. She then tells him she has another employee like him she has just finished ball busting and that its his ball sweat on her feet he is now licking. She Continues, telling him the staff IQ tests have come back and he is the dumbest person the company has ever had. She makes him strip down, checks out his growing tits, tells him to start wearing a bra, and then proceeds to kick his balls, first on his knees and then she makes him stand up to take harder kicks. "When the hormones fully kick in you wont need your cock and balls anyway" she tells him. Finally she sends johnny off to continue with his work day. She hollers at him to wiggle his ass as he leaves which makes her erupt in laughter.
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