Dreamgirls in Socks - Madelyn - Sweaty Feet Challenge

Added: 16-11-2022

Madelyn is a really sexy 20 year old girl who heard about our sweaty socks challenge from one of her friends, so it looks like she was more than happy and really curious to try it out as she seems like a very dominant girl! She has been wearing the same pair of white socks for about a week now, so her slave will have to deal with her sweaty socks and feet in his face for two straight hours without complaint, while she relaxes and watches Netflix! It was a very long day at work with her boots on on top of that, so it should be a very intense experience!

Madelyn takes pleasure teasing her slave with her boots, before making him take them off to completely cover his face with her sweaty white socks! Her socks were actually super warm, and very smelly, but it looks like she is laughing at him and rubbing them all over his face! She makes him take deep breaths in her socks, and makes him lick the sweaty bottom of her socks too! The sweaty socks challenge is actually really long, so she asks for a nice foot massage as well, while she enjoys her glass of rouge and her Netflix session!

Madelyn also thought it would be a good idea to give her feet some fresh air after an hour with her sweaty socks all over his face, so she makes him take her socks off with his teeth, and just push off her dirty socks in his mouth to make him chew on them for a while! She covers his face with her sweaty bare feet after that, and makes him take deep breaths in her feet! She also wants him to lick the sweaty bottom of her soles, after sweating for eight consecutive hours inside her boots, so the slave will just have to obey her instructions! Madelyn is very intense, absolutely gorgeous, and totally dominant! You will instantly fall in love with this cute little goddess! Madelyn is actually foot size seven, and the full version of this sweaty socks challenge is actually 84 minutes long! You will find this version directly on the next page, or just below this version! Really hot clip alert!
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