Clubstiletto - Mistress T - The Games W/we Play

Added: 07-11-2020

This scene opens with a view from the slaves eyes, on the floor looking up at a toilet lid. We hear foot steps and soon Mistress T is gazing down into the toilet. “Hello my little toilet bitch” she says. She comments how eager the slave seems to be with his mouth wide open, ready to receive whatever comes out of her body. “This is your life now, servicing my pussy and ass and eating my sch1lt” she tells him, “then being my perfect toilet paper after.” She wants her perfect little rosebud squeaky clean when he is finished his service duties. “It’s so intimate, so extreme” she tells him. She comments on his hard cock and says she is going to have a big load for him soon. “Don’t disappoint me” she adds. Now she turns around and pulls up her skirt revealing her big beautiful ass. She sits on the toilet and now her holy holes are just inches away from the slaves face. What a beautiful sight. She rubs her asshole and tells him “Soon it will start to swell and then spread open until your fresh hot meal comes out.” She lets out a fart to prepare him for todays smell. No two meals are ever the same. “I love to see how excited you are by my sch1lt” she says while looking down between her legs.

At this point the scene rolls over and we now see Mistress T on the toilet and the slave laying on the ground locked in the toilet chair. She encourages the slave to keep stroking his hard cock and she comments how she loves the naughty games they play. “You’ll do anything for that ass” she comments. Mistress T’s stomach extends and she tells the slave she is going to relieve herself. The scene then rolls over again and now the slave is on his knees between Mistress T’s legs which are high in the air. The slave is licking her clean with nice long licks and she talks to him in a very graphic and nasty way. The disdain in her face and voice are very evident. She has brought a man down to the very lowest level of existence and he not only likes it but wants to do it for the rest of time. T gets up on her knees so you now get a full view of her sweet plump butt. The slave spreads her ass cheeks and goes in for the final cleaning. Mistress T says she will never use real toilet paper again, no need for her to stand in line with commoners even in the midst of a pandemic. Finally Mistress T tells the slave her girlfriend is coming over soon and she expects him to be her toilet and toilet paper too. “If you impress me maybe I’ll let you cum then” she says.

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