Brat Princess 2 - Natalya, Rachel - I think We Can Make his Face into a Nice Study Area (4K)

Added: 31-10-2020

4K Ultra HD Natalya and Rachel think they can turn their chastity slave’s face into a nice study area for the girls this school year. The slave has been totally immobilized in a facesitting bench. Natalya adds a desk and tries it out. It’s perfect! She can do all her studying while having the slave’s face buried deep in her ass. Natalya goes over some of the homework a nerd did for her. She knows that it will be obvious to the professor that a boy did it, but her professor doesn’t care and will accept whatever a pretty girl turns in. Then Rachel tries out the seat. The girls marvel at how much work the males do. If they did all this studying themselves, they would never have time to do their makeup and other important things! Natalya oils her ass and then resumes her position on the study bench’s face. She makes the study bench slave lick her asshole. Natalya oils Rachel’s ass while the chastity slave continues to rim her. Then, It’s Rachel’s turn to have her asshole licked. The girls love how it feels! They take turns getting their asses licked. The slave starts to swell in chastity while the girls ride his tongue. Natalya thinks a TV would be a good addition to the “study area” so that she can watch while she gets licked to an orgasm. The girls are enjoying the rimming so much that they want can’t wait to tell the other girls. All the girls in the sorority are going to want to use the “study bench.” They’ll need a sign-up seat! What hot girl doesn’t love having her ass licked?!

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File Name : 11___Natalya_and_Rachel_-_I_think_We_Can_MdsfhhEW_
Format: MPEG-4
File Size : 4.17 GB
Duration: 00:19:24
Video: AVC, 3840 x 2160, 29.970 FPS, 30.4 Mb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 2 channels, 384 kb/s


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