Savannah Fox - Catwoman Makes Batman Her Slave (Parts 1-4)

Added: 10-06-2018

Batman has invaded the cats lair seeking his revenge. He searches and calls out for her, but the cat is up in a tree. She quietly sneaks up on him from behind before pouncing on his back. A full on fight ensues but it seems as if Catwoman is always to quick for Batman to land any moves. She has no problem landing several punches to his face before dodging out of the way as he charges her, falling to the ground. She eggs the Bat on, enjoying his obvious frustration. She grabs him from behind and lifts him off the ground delivering a bone crushing bear hug. She drops the hero to the floor and climbs on top stretching his limbs into a limb tearing grapevine. She laughs at his pain and moves up to crush his throat in a classic schoolgirl pin. He swears he will get out of this and make her pay, but that just entices her to laugh more at his helplessness. She lets him up only to devastate him with a left hook and a belly punch. She gives him no time to recover and throws him into a choke hold. The dark Knight falls to the floor, and she wraps him in a body scissor further endangering his air supply. He calls her a dirty whore, and well that's just not nice batman. To teach him a lesson in manners she gives him a ground and pound on the floor and then sits on his face. She confesses she's not going to him, but instead make him her permanent slave. He desperately attempts to remove her but can't breathe underneath her mighty ass. She instructs him not to fight it anymore and to just head to the light. Finally he struggles no more. She climbs off and slaps him a couple times to make sure hes out before dragging his limp body off. We open back up with Catwoman reading an article in the paper about how the authorities are calling off the search for Batman, all they found of him was his suit. She gleefully shares this news with the Bat, who she has tied naked spread eagle on her bed. He protests weakly but she wants him to understand he is her plaything now, and there is nobody coming to save him! She cracks her whip and catches him right on his cock! She encourages him to just give up his will now, he WILL serve her, it is inevitable. But since he is stubborn, she will have to break him. She delivers some stinging blows with her crop. As he cries out in pain, she ponders perhaps shes being to hard on the Bat. Perhaps he needs some TLC instead? He weakly agrees but she just begins digging her long claws into his tender flesh. She enjoys teasing the Bat, gently touching his cock before viciously clawing him again. She stands over his face showing off her delicious ass, teasing him and asking if he'd prefer her to perch her perfect booty on his face, instead of all this torture?

She hovers her ass over his face, teasing and taunting him with its heavenly proportions. He begs for her to stop clawing him and give him a taste of her. As she lowers her big ass down to his face he tries to take a lick. Not so fast Batman, your a slave and you don't get a taste until I let you. She leans down and grabs a roll of tape, and tapes his mouth shut. Now lets see this get interesting. She lowers her massive ass onto his face completely cutting off his air supply. She laughs evilly at his struggles as he grasps the severity of the situation. She orders him to take a deep whiff of her ass, as she gleefully starts to smother him again. She takes a seat on his face and confesses his pathetic struggles are starting to turn her on. Watching the mighty Batman's life slipping away, and it's all because he's trapped under her plump ass. She toys with him, smothering him until he almost before giving him a tiny whiff of air and then sealing his face to her ass again. As he starts to black out she jumps up and grabs her whip. She gives him an ultimatum, she can take his life right here and now, or bow down and be her slave. She drives her point home and begins hitting him with the whip. As Batman screams and cries out in pain she laughs maniacally, enjoying his torment. When he replies no to being her slave, she confesses she can't end him just yet. But if she knocks him out maybe that will change his mind. She settles down and feels him squirm beneath her, seeing him so helpless has made her pussy super wet. She begins to ride his face, hoping he won't pass out just yet. She humps his helpless face until she screams in ecstasy. Too bad Batman wasn't awake to enjoy it. She whispers into his ear, to take a nice nap, she has a surprise for him when he comes to.

Catwoman has finally broken the will of the Bat. He has finally accepted his fate as her slave. She has him waiting on his knees, ankles and hands tied behind his back.She walks in a cracks her riding crop on his exposed back and butt. She sits down and spreads her legs wide revealing her pretty pussy. Catwoman teases him with it before ordering him over to sniff her ass. He complies and she laughs with glee at the site of Batman obeying her commands. She orders him to kiss her ass and asshole. He gets in super deep between her checks. He admits that she is his mistress now and will serve and worship her. She spreads her pussy wide for him and asks if he'd like a taste. He tells her yes, but instead of letting him eat her pussy, She reveals to him a giant cock! Cat explains that he is no longer a superhero, in fact he's no longer even a man. "This cock will be the man now, and the only thing going inside my pussy!" she gleefully exclaims. She has to ensure he's going to do everything she says. Her eyes roll back in her head as she slides the girthy dildo inside her wet cunt. She plays with herself, covering the cock with her wet pussy juice. She orders him to come suck her cock. When he looks disgusted and tormented she mocks him about being afraid of dick and slaps him in the face with it. Cat shoves the cock in his mouth and asks him how her cunt tastes? He doesn't look to happy, She's disappointed, maybe she needs to drive the point home more. She grabs her harness and attaches her cock. She explains he's in for a real treat. Her cock can cum! She has been filling it up with all her cum! She has been masturbating all month, imagining this exact moment! The mighty batman has finally fallen and he is now hers to command! Catwoman slams her cock into his mouth and commands him to suck! He's going to suck it until she has a big, fat orgasm all over his face! Catwoman forces his head down and moans with delight as he bobs up and down. He gags and drools from the huge dick. Tipsy with power she humps his face getting closer and closer before exploding massive amounts of cum in his mouth. He chokes on her cum which just makes her to laugh. Imagine the dark knight now sucking dick and covered in cum! Now that she has tainted his mouth what other use does he hold for her cock? She orders him to bend over and cracks her crop over his bare ass. Maybe she can abuse another hole? "Please no!" he begs "It's to big!" She slaps his asshole with her cock and declares that its not that her dick is to big but his bat cunt that's to tight! She spanks him and eyeballs his virgin ass. He begs her not to but that just turns her on even more. She then forces her huge cock inside his tight asshole. He screams and cries out in agony, but shes Tipsy with cock power. She loves feeling her cock fill up his bat cunt. Deep down she knows he wants it, all you superhero types do. I mean they run around in the middle of the night wearing nothing but tights. That screams fuck my ass to her. She pounds her big ass into him. Slipping her cock deep inside him, she laughs and cries out in pleasure. Finally the batman is completely hers! She can do anything to him and there is no one to stop her! In fact, maybe she should invite some friends over to fuck his ass with her! Harley Quinn is a crazy bitch, and I bet she would just love destroying batman's butthole! As he begs her not to, she ignores his pleas and begins fucking him even harder. Something about his desperation is making her so horny! Catwoman grabs her whip and cracks it over his back and ass. She's going to destroy his asshole and then fill it up with her cum! She shoves her cock back in and starts pounding his ass. She jiggles her massive booty up and down fucking him harder and harder! Cat whips herself into a frenzy before having a huge cumshot! She fills his ass with cum but she wants to get every last drop of cum out of her big thick cock. She plays with the tip of his face and teases herself before cumming again and covering him with all her delicious pussy juices.

Cat has completely broken batman's mind. She has used and abused him. She has used her giant cumming dick to Brainwash him into total slavedome. He is now hers to command and do as she sees fit. When she barks orders at him, he complies immediately, even uttering a yes mistress. Now, time to play with her pet bat. She asks him if he wants to serve his mistress, she climbs on top and orders him to kiss her big booty. He happily obliges. She hovers over him, teasing him with her glorious holes. CatWoman orders him to stick out his tongue and lap up her pretty kitty. When he gets to greedy she punishes him by not letting him breathe. She spreads her ample ass cheeks wide and sits down hard on his face. She tells him she wants to feel him struggle underneath her. Knowing he cant breathe in anything except for the smell of her dripping wet cunt. She enjoys teasing and playing with her pet bat before ordering him to stick his tongue out and stay still. She starts to ride his face, bouncing up and down. Enjoying the warm wet tongue sliding against her pink pussy. Her moans get louder and louder as she edges towards ecstasy. She cum's all over his face and tells him to lick every last drop up. Now that he understands he exists for her pleasure only. His pleasure does not matter. So in reality he wont be needing his testicles now will he? She grabs his balls and yanks on them pondering what to do. Ah! She grabs scissors and a glass jar. She explains to the batman shes going to snip his balls off and keep them in a jar! That would be the ultimate trophy! He begs and pleads with her to let him keep his balls. She offers to make him a deal, as she starts to rub his cock. If he can keep from cumming, then she will let him keep his precious family jewels. To bad, hes been captured here for weeks, and his balls are already so heavy with cum. She sensually starts to jerk his dick up and down teasing him. The terrified batman doesn't know what to do. It feels so good, but if he cums he will lose his manhood forever! She teases him with her warm wet mouth. Running her tongue up and down the length of his shaft. He moans as she devours his whole cock. Sucking him deep inside. She spits all over it making it super hard. She coaches him into a rock hard cock, before sucking on his balls. Enjoying the taste of them in her mouth for the very last time. Batman feels himself getting close, but he must resist! She deep throats and chokes on his cock causing him to almost cum! He begs her to stop, he's not going to be able to hold back. Her mouth is going to make him lose his balls! He offers to give her any amount of money in the world! He even reveals his true identity " I'm Bruce Wayne!" in a desperate attempt to make her stop. But, she is enjoying her little game to much and no amount of money is better then this! She drools over his cock and using both hands to jerk him into oblivion! He cums on her hands, and she slurps it all down. Hes in such a daze, he thanks his mistress for his amazing orgasm. She laughs and says she has some bad news. He lost her bet, and now... she is going to snip off his manhood! SNIP!!!

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