Domina Planet - Goddess Aurora - Personal Crotch Cleaner II

Added: 23-02-2024

Goddess Aurora has been training Her slave to properly service both Her perfect, shelf-like ass, and Her wet, meaty pussy. This is of course, a years-long process to perfect, but to get there She knows that the slave must do more than just "lick" Her sacred holes, but to become one with Her asshole and pussy; to become so intimate with them that they operate in a sort of synchronicity To accomplish this, the slave will begin taking on the responsibility of being the sole cleaner of Her asshole and pussy. She will no longer use toilet paper, douches, enemas or maxi-pads; The slave will accomplish all of those functions and then some.
She has the slave bound with his arms above his head, completely helpless, with his head in a sex chair. Goddess enters the room carrying a menacing-looking black and white riding crop and approaches, telling the slave:
"Slave, you are an inferior being and have learned how to adequately clean my feet, but now you're going to learn how to flawlessly service my dirty ass and pussy. You are only good enough for the dirtiest parts of Me, slave"
"Yes Mistress, Thank You so much for that honor and privilege"
She walks up to the slave and turns around, straddling  his head and sticking out Her gorgeous ass, which is invitingly poking through the hole in Her sexy black dress. She wiggles Her hips invitingly and asks him if he likes Her beautiful ass, which of course he replies 'yes' to. She squats down onto the chair, it bends with Her weight, bringing Her ass down onto his face and mouth. She orders him:
"Smell it first....deep inhales kiss it soft and gentle first, get Her in the mood...Now a nice little french kiss, start getting Her wet. That's a good puppy. Now lick it just like it was a bone, puppy!"
She has him lap away at Her puckered brown starfish, finally ordering him:
"Now point your tongue like a cock and tongue-fuck my dirty ass. Get every bit of filth in your mouth and down your throat, where it belongs, slave. You're nothing but a disposal for my bodily waste - my dirt. Now thank me for that honor!"
She starts cropping him and bouncing up and down on his face, harder and harder, his tongue going deepr and deeper into Her now-blossoming sphincter. She then suddenly leans back and sits down with Her full weight onto the slave's face:
"Keep your fucking tongue ALL THE WAY INSIDE MY ASS-don't you DARE take out!"
Finally, She lets him up and he gasps for air, but She just starts bouncing on his mouth harder, urging him to get in deeper and then suddenly cutting off his breath completely. Finally, he starts flopping around and can seemingly take no more, She turns around and facesits him with Her sweet pussy. 
She puts Her full weight on him to start this time as She's already worked up. She starts fucking his face, getting it slick with Her juices as She starts to fuck his face in earnest:
"Drink every drop of juice, slave, and anything else that comes from my pussy-you'll be tasting all kinds of new treats. Now I'm going to smother you and I want you to probe deep inside, suck out everything you can and be my human douchebag - just like you're also my human enema!"
She mashes down hard onto his face, cutting off his air and most of his sight. His eyes bug out in desperation and his oxygen reserves start to deplete. She lets him up, only to sit back down and demand an orgasm, which he attempts to provide but fails. Frustrated, She storms off the stage, vowing to return with a painful punishment....
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