Club Stiletto - Goddess Hazel and Princess G - Butts worth Suffering For

Added: 30-11-2023

Goddess Hazel walks into the dungeon where she sees that Prince G is already sitting on her slaves face and her ass looks amazing, and those perky breasts, umm, umm! Hazel picks up a crop and starts strapping the slaves legs and his heels. "He loves getting hit and smothered at the same time" Hazel says as she really starts to strike the slaves heels with little concern for his whimpering. She tells him to keep his legs straight, moving will not be accepted. She then goes up to help G, pushing her ass firmly on the slaves face to take away his air and maybe she just wanted to get her hands on G's ass too... who wouldn't. She pushes upward and tells the slave to kiss G's ass cheeks.Now Hazel takes her turn on the slaves face. G lifts Hazel's legs up to insure he gets her full weight centered on her luscious ass. Hazel grinds his face but is sure not to lift up until the slave starts to kick. G pulls on his dick and nipples at the same time. Now Hazel wants her butt cheeks kissed too. She then starts bouncing on the slaves face and says it's a nice trampoline. G wants to try bouncing so they switch places again. Hazel starts to slap his balls and cock really hard. Pleasure and pain in harmony, how lucky. G farts in his face and Hazel tells the slave to sniff it. "He wants to be a full toilet" G says and Hazel tells him to say he wants to be their toilet. The ladies then walk to a different bench and stick their asses out, they tell the slave to come worship them. He gets all excited but as he tries to get up he remembers he's cuffed to the bench and can't move. "Too bad, we were going to make you our toilet" Hazel tells him. Read More
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