Club Stiletto - Goddess Rii - Face Sat and Jacked to Orgasm

Added: 12-11-2023

Goddess Rii loves sitting on her slaves face on a nice warm day. She tells her slave to lick her asshole because she can't get a proper tan on it if it's dirty. The slave loves her dirty ass, nothing tastes better and he licks up and down her crack and presses his tongue as deep into her hole as he can, savoring every bit of it. What an amazing ass she has too, a sight to behold and you'll be so jealous seeing the slaves tongue worshiping her hole. While he licks she rubs her pussy over his nose and at times sits firmly on his face to take away his air.  Seeing him kick is so much fun!Goddess leans forward and tells the slave to reach with his tongue and this is a real sweet spot for you as you see her ass and asshole up close and unobstructed. Imagine it's your tongue reaching for that pretty pink hole. Pleased she calls him a good boy and decides to let him rub his cock. She pulls her beautiful tits from her tiny bikini top and you get to see all of her now. Almost as lucky as the slave underneath her. Rii then takes the slaves cock into her hand as she wants to control his orgasm. Her stroking him, along with her sitting on his face, is too much for the slave and he can't hold off for long.  Graciously she lets him cum, and he screams with pleasure. Even after he has blown his load she continues to masturbate him to see him squirm then she slaps his balls. "My hands are all gooey with cum" she says as she holds her cum covered hand up to the camera, looks at you and says "Why don't you lick it up."  Remember no one says no to Goddess Rii.Read More
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