Club Stiletto - Goddess Lilith Ivy - Ass Cleaner

Added: 31-10-2023

As this scene opens Goddess Lilith Ivy points to her toilet throne where she just made use of her slaves mouth. She now has him locked in the cage with only his head exposed so he can lick her asshole clean. His head is between her legs and in perfect position for him to get his tongue into her asshole. "Did you enjoy eating my gift?" she asks him. "Yes, thank you Goddess" he replies. "You know I could have sold that" she tells him just as she lets out a couple wet farts to enhance his experience. "Now you have the taste in your mouth and the smell up your nose" she says to him. Lilith talks about how her boyfriend had fun with her pussy last night but no pussy for slaves, he's lucky just to be so close to it. Nice clear visual of the slave licking her asshole. She tells him slaves like him are the lowest of low, lower than dirt, lusting for her waste. "Men like you need women like me, telling you what to do, even if it means being our toilet" she continues.Goddess now turns around so she is sitting on his face. "Lick my ass while I sit on your face" she says to him. She is completely blocking his nose and mouth but insists that he keep licking. She gives him a quick breath then sits back down. "I might have to take another dump" she suddenly tells him. His tongue is loosening her up again. She lets out another wet fart and decides she will stay there until she needs to use his mouth again. What a lucky slave being able to do this every day.Read More
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