Club Stiletto - Princess Mia and Mistress Mercy Rage - They take his Breath Away

Added: 25-10-2023

DescriptionThis scene features the dynamic duo of Mistress Mercy and Princess Mia. They're chatting about dinner plans when they remember they are sitting on a slave who is suddenly thrashing about, grunting and groaning, beneath their weight. Mia is smothering the slave with her ass while Mercy sits on his stomach. Mia slides down to his chest while Mercy remains on his stomach. They both bounce up and down and the slave is really struggling. Annoyed Mia moves back up onto his head to muffle the sound. Again, they both bounce and the slave is somewhat frantic as he can't catch any air. "Smell my pussy, that should get your mind off the pain" Mia tells him."Now the ladies switch positions, Mercy on his face and Mia on his chest. Mia really slams him with her big round ass and even though Mercy is also bouncing, giving the slave an airway, the slave struggles to get a breath because of the impact on his chest. Mercy comments how he is struggling for air and Mia replies "He doesn't need air, all he needs is ass." Mia continues to bounce but now is really lifting herself up so he's getting full butt drops on his chest. Mercy crushes her ass into the slaves face. He tries to escape by turning his head sideways but Mia slides her ass back so it's back to back with Mercys and in unison they continue to pound his head. "He'll be mashed potatoes by the time we're done with him" Mercy says, making both girls laugh out loud. Look at the suffering on the slaves face. Surely the memories will linger forever but right now he's probably wishing it would just stop. Mia mentions she is in town for another week.  Read More
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