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Added: 11-09-2023

18 Year-Old Mistress Nova is 7 months pregnant and was abandoned by Her lying boyfriend, who dumped Her and bailed on Her. But Her good friend Master Silvermist caught the deadbeat, broke him as a slave and sissified him, turning him into a simpering, sniveling sissy girl in chastity to be Her personal maid and nanny once Her baby is born.
Mistress Nova is getting railed in Her bedroom by a new lover, who cums and then hurries out the door, leaving Her unsatisfied and full of cum. She sighs in frustration, but She is prepared. She yells out:
"Ohhhh sissy, my new boyfriend left a very, very special treat for you. Now get the fuck up on the bed!"
The sissy crawls into the room on all fours, wearing a pink wig, baby dress, cuffs, collar and leash, which it hands to Mistress Nova, who pulls the sissy into Her open legs, a fresh cream pie oozes out of Her luscious, shaved young pussy.
"Ok bitch, you're gonna suck out every single tadpole that my new boyfriend left in there for you. Here, taste it!"
Stroking Her dripping slit, She takes a cum-soaked finger, trailing a string of sticky ball-juice that She puts in front of the sissy's grimacing face.
"Open up, bitch!"
She slaps the sissy lightly and it opens its mouth as She immediately crams the gloppy finger in, swirling it around the sissy's mouth, making sure it sucks off the slime.
"Get it all, whore. You've got a long, long way to go. Now start licking!"
The sissy is gagging and retching as its tongue darts out into the beautiful, but jizz-soaked folds of Her sweet young pussy. Not much comes out at first, so She crams a couple of fingers in and starts working it out and then slams Her pussy right on the slave's face, mashing it's face and cutting off air. The sissy literally starts blowing cum bubbles, as She laughs and rises up, just to grind right back down onto the sissy's face, the cum dripping down the sides of its face. 
"This is a special treat for a sissy girl like you-sissy's LOVE cum, bet they like sucking cock even better, which you'll be doing soon also"
She starts slamming up and down on the sissys face, faster and faster, telling it to stick its tongue out straight, She cums on its face, as She squeezes out a new river of cum when She orgasms that came somewhere deep inside Her, but now covers the sissy's mouth and face as She laughs and says:
"I'll let you just stay here in chastity and your baby dress, to stew in me and my lover's juices...mmmm, so yummy!"More
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