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Added: 25-02-2024

Sexy Nurse Ryan is just home from a 12 hour shift at the hospital where her slave has been waiting all day bound to the stool. You know he's hungry and things have been so hectic at work that Ryan hasn't had time to empty her bowels. Sure it would be more convenient to sit on a toilet and then crash into bed but she feels the slave deserves a reward after his long wait."Have you been thinking about my ass all day?" she asks him and he assures her he has. Who wouldn't, her ass is amazing! She first has him kiss her ass cheeks before climbing up on the stool and leaning over so the slave and you get a perfect view of her ass and asshole. She tells him to sniff her crack first and then she treats him with a juicy wet fart. "He loves everything that comes from my ass, he eats from it everyday" she says. She cups her ass cheek so you get a clear view of the slave eagerly licking her crack and hole and says "So good". She then tells him to look over his shoulder at you and says she knows you wish it was you instead of him. A lot of close up action in this clip of the slave licking Miss Ryan's plump young ass, it's very hot. She then tells him to kiss her asshole like it's his girlfriends lips and then finally she tells him to open his mouth, she can't hold it in any longer. She shifts up and sits on his head and tells him to eat up! "Now lick it clean, I really need to get some rest" she says.More
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