Club Stiletto - Princess Mia - Face Sitting Fun in the Forest

Added: 15-03-2023

It was a perfect day to go into the forest to enjoy nature and get a bit of shade from the heat. Princess Mia has her devoted slave with her to attend to her needs and of course amuse her. Prior to this scene she spotted a young couple in the distance spying on her while whipping her slave and using him as a human ashtray. Mia says she hopes it gives them some ideas to create their own FemDom life. Mia stands over her slave and tells him to open his mouth which she spits into before sitting on his face. Mia has such a big full butt that slaves love to worship. She starts by bouncing on his head and says the forest floor must be hard on his head. She then sits down firmly to test his ability to hold his breath. Thinking of the cute girl she saw earlier Mia says "It would be fun to make out with her while we sit on top of you." After about 40 seconds the slave starts to trash about as he feels the need to breathe. Mia looks moderately interested in his predicament. She makes him wait about a minute before getting up but only for a second. She sits up again but only because she has to blast a massive fart in his face. It's really wet and she comments that she might have made a mess in her panties. "Does it smell good?" she asks him. What an unexpected treat for the slave. She sits down again and this time for fun starts to punch the slave in the stomach. She has him move into chair position and now leans back against his bent legs while sticking her feet in his face. She slaps his face with them and then just lays back to relax. "I think I'm going to have a nap" she says, likely dreaming that she wakes up to find the cute girl has come back for a closer look and to play.
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