Club Stiletto - Mistress Paige - The punk next door Eats Ass with a Fart Finale

Added: 17-11-2022

Paige has called the punk next door over while kenny is outside doing yard work. The scene opens with her sitting on her new slaves face and stroking his dick. She wants him good and horny while he uses his tongue to root around in her asshole. "Maybe Ill let him cum later or give him a ruined orgasm" she says. Now wanting to focus on her own pleasure she tells him to stroke his own dick. Paige comments how the slave has got really good at getting his tongue deep inside her and adds "This licking on the surface stuff I really dont go for, the closer it feels to a cock the better." Paige is married to a cuck hubby but has several studs to give her the pleasure she needs, when she needs it. While the slave rubs himself she says that he has become a worthy slave and she is so proud she has helped him find his true nature and purpose, just like she did with kenny years ago. She tells him his licking gets her horny for her boyfriend which means he will likely be eating cum from her ass later. She now decides to test his ability to hold his breath and sits firmly on his face. She reminds him to keep his tongue in her ass. She references the first encounter they had where she blindfolded him and tricked him into thinking she was sucking his cock only to remove the blindfold to show him it was her hubby sucking him off (The Life of step-Auntie Paige - the punk Next Door and the BJ Surprise).  Of course she got it all on video and threatened to show it to his friends and family if he didnt agree to be her slave. Paige now turns into a reverse position and sits with all her weight again. She tells the slave to keep stroking but no coming or she will lock him away in a cold dark cage for the entire weekend where he can masturbate all he wants because thats all hell be allowed to eat, his own cum. The slave starts to blow bubbles up Paiges ass in desperation to get air. She gives him a quick breath then sits back down and starts to finger herself until she brings herself to orgasm. She moves back onto his chest and sticks her wet fingers in his mouth. She has to fart so quickly moves back up to his face and blows a nasty fart just as she sits back down on him. "You never know whats going to happen around her next" she says with a smile.
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