Club Stiletto - Goddess Amelia - Workout on his face

Added: 16-11-2022

Goddess Amelia doesn't care much for working out but when she does she does it sitting on a slaves face. His pain motivates her. After all, no pain, no gain. She starts by curling a 20 pound weight, an extra 20 pounds on his face. She sets the weight down then sits on his face sideways which is brutal on the slaves face if you've ever experienced it. She then sits in a reverse position on his face, grinding her ass into his face, then bouncing on it. The bench is solid and the poor slave really suffers. Nice reflection in the mirror of her ass.Amelia then turns into a forward position on his face, lifting her feet up off the ground and while smothering him tells him to get his tongue up her ass. She then leans forward so he can properly lick all the sweat of her butt crack before sitting on him yet again. Nice overhead views and shots from below looking up... at her ass. After more sitting, gyrating and bouncing Amelia is tired and decides to lay on the mat face down so her bitch can get in behind her and licking her ass properly. "If I nod off just keep licking" she tells him. The slave spreads her cheeks and gets his tongue deep inside her.
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