Club Stiletto - Mistress Paige - Fresh Cum for the punk Next Door

Added: 13-11-2022

Anti-Paige has come to take great delight in how she now controls the punk (aka pet) down the street. He used to harass kenny for being the family whipping boy, slave and cuckold until Paige tricked him by offering to give him a blow job (see The Life of step-Auntie Paige - the punk Next Door and the BJ Surprise). Now that she has all sorts of blackmail material on him he can only do as told. This scene opens with Paige in the bedroom getting bounded by her lover while pet is bound to the discipline bench waiting for her and hearing her have a screaming orgasm."Did you hear me getting fucked?" she asks pet as she walks into the dungeon and he says he did. She removes her panties to show a stream of cum running from her pussy. She rubs some of it on the slaves face then sits down so he can lick it all out of her. "Everything that comes from the Mistress goes into the slaves mouth" she reminds him. The slave still hasnt learned to like cum but hell learn. Its that or she shares pics and videos with everyone in his circle. The slave obediently licks her pussy up and down while Paige grabs her phone to take some video of him eating cum. She encourages him to lick and suck because she doesnt want to see any cum when he is done. "Once youve licked that properly youll be licking my ass and as a treat I left it dirty" she tells him adding "Even my lover said my ass was a bit stinky but he didnt know what I had planned with you." Paige tells pet that next time she wants her boyfriend to fuck her up the ass so he can suck cum out of that hole too. She now turns into a forward position and sits on his face again. The slave struggles without air but she says no excuses she wants to feel his tongue up her ass. She comments how great it is having men around, studs to fuck me and slaves to lick up after. "That feels so good" she tells her slave as she sits down firmly, arching her back, the slaves discomfort of no concern to her.
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