Brat Princess 2 - Riley - Boyfriend Satisfies Girlfriend During Locktober ( FLR )

Added: 21-12-2021

10 days after Riley convinced her boyfriend to try Locktober, things have been getting heated up in her relationship. Riley has been dominating Ezra. Ezra is enjoying it, but chastity is getting painful. Its ok though, because it makes Riley so happy. Riley has been having great orgasms because the attention is all on her and her pleasure. With Ezra locked away he is completely devoted to her. Riley has his chastity key around her neck. This is a reminder that she is the decider of the fate of his erections and cum. Riley rides Ezras face. She sits on his face as he licks her and she cums. Then she checks his chastity again and decides its time to bring out some bondage toys. She wants to try them all on him! It will be so much fun. She decides they will first try the smother harness. What a great choice! Riley starts falling resting while his face is in her ass as he moves his tongue in circles to keep pleasing her.
Do you know what is after Locktober? ... NO NUT NOVEMBER!

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