ClubStiletto - Mistress Irene - Big Beautiful And Brutal

Added: 18-12-2021

Amazon Goddess Mistress Irene towers over her weak slave who is laying on her discipline bench. "Are you ready to fight for air under my ass?" she asks him. Her ass is big, beautiful and brutal and while the slave longs for such moments he also knows he will soon be kicking for air so his response "yes" does sound more nervous than excited. She turns and points her ass at him (and you) and wiggles it and grabs it, driving him crazy with lust. When she is convinced that it's what he really wants she slaps him a bit and then takes a place on his face.
Once settled, she looks back at you and says she can't make enough men suffer under her ass and wants to sit on your face too. Some amazing angles of Irene's ass and she will soon have you as addicted as this slave is. She leans forward and tells the slave to kiss her ass the same way he did his first girlfriend when he was a pathetic little school boi. "Not like the pathetic grown up man you are now" she adds. Now it's time to test her slave, so she sits full weight to see how long he can go without air. She laughs while he kicks and tells him "Not yet." When she finally gets up he gasps in desperation. She turns and again wiggles her ass above him before sitting down in reverse position. She then leans all the way back to rest and now really crushes his face and nose. The slave kicks frantically but the overhead view of Irene looks amazing and you will be grateful she stays right where she is.

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