Club Stiletto - Princess Lily - I Love knowing he's SUFFERING under My Ass

Added: 14-12-2021

Sexy Princess Lily walks into her fetish room where she keeps her slave locked up over night.  She asks him how his night was in the dark and cold and then tells him she has some good news, she's letting him out of the cage.  The scene rolls over and the slave is now sitting on the dungeon floor with his head resting against the seat of Lily's throne.  Princess is going to make the slave suffer under her ass in one of the most brutal ways possible with his head on the seat so his neck gets crushed into the frame of the seat while his head is pushed down onto the cushioned seat.  If you've ever experienced this you will know how painful it is.Lily face sits him in both a forward and reverse position and if the pain isn't enough she makes sure there is a tight seal between her ass and face and he is left to go long periods without any air.   Lily tells him that she is having a party tonight and the toilet beside her is where the slave will spend the evening being a toilet for all her friends.   Nice camera angles so you get some great upward views of Lily's delicious plump ass.  While the slave suffers she calls him disgusting detailing what is going to happen to him at the party.  She stands up and spits in his mouth then tells him to lay on the floor.  Lily now sits on his face and extends her legs across his body and leans back to get comfortable.  The slave can not get any air and it only makes Lily laugh, she makes sure this slave is uncomfortable 24 hours a day.

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