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Added: 30-08-2021

Goddess Carla Cain's ass slave skill's have been lacking lately, so She's decided that it's time for a 'Back to Basics' training for Her ass-cleaning pig. She has decided that today they will go through a series of Tongue strengthening and lengthening exercises, as well as reviewing proper technique, placement and proper mouth flushing to avoid " breath" and offending Goddess' delicate nostrils after he has cleaned Her dirty ass. She immediately mounts the prone slave, telling him:
"Stick your tongue out straight, get the tip out past the end of your mouth"
She spreads Her asshole open while She mounts the slave's face, causing the slave's tongue to penetrate deep inside Her asshole. She leans back all the way onto his face, ensuring that his tongue is buried as deeply inside Her 41 inch ass and his head has virtually disappeared. Then She changes gears:
"Now, tongue wide and start licking up and down the ass crack, slowly, savoring the flavors you encounter. Makes sure to swallow and flush your toilet mouth every couple of seconds to ensure that I have a clean tongue going back inside my precious anus"
He licks it up and down like an ice cream cone, putting a big smile on Her face. She tells the pig to hold his tongue out and to keep it out and stiff, like a cock. She spreads Her big ass open, and slowly wiggles Her asshole onto his tongue, pushing it in with all of Her weight:
"Keep your tongue ALL THE WAY IN slave. ALL THE WAY IN"
She starts bouncing up and down on his tongue, fucking his face with Her huge ass and glorious asshole, while She bruises his face and his tongue gets deeper and deeper.
"You need to lick though my cum soaked g-strings, though little bits of stuck to my asshole, you need to be able to lick up anything that comes from my dirty sh*thole and swallow it down your dirty whore throat."
She starts making him do tongue calisthenics:
"Slave, get your tongue, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - AGAIN! I said ALL THE WAY IN SLAVE!"
She starts bouncing up and down on his head harder and harder, moaning and fucking his tongue and face with Her big ass. She goes faster and faster, moaning more and more his face and finally cums all over his face, with his tongue buried deep inside Her sphincter. All he can see is ass, all he can feel is ass, all he can smell and taste is ass and his Godddess is talking about Her ass and he is thinking about it as well.
"You need to be able to worship my asshole for hours slave - and then also be able to clean and worship a room full of my girlfriends -stained anuses also. You'll be cleaning, exploring and tasting so many delicious flavored assholes, you're such a lucky pig!"
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My Rectal Rooter
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