MeanWorld - MeanBitches POV Slave Orders - Goddess Vicki Makes You Her Paypig - Vicki Chase

Added: 25-02-2024

Vicki enters her dungeon and finds you kneeling. She smirks as she calls you a paypig and her "ATM machine". She throws all her bills on the floor around you and commands you to "FETCH!". She tells you to beg to pay her bills for her... she tells you that she knows you want to please her.. you find yourself nodding your head as you think about where you will get the money to pay her car payment and her rent. She looks you in the eyes and smiles... she knows she has you wrapped her around her little finger so she tells you she wants you to sign your house over to her. You feel yourself spiralling out of control and she gazes deep into your soul and whispers "don't fight it." She takes off her shoe and you can't help but stare at her perfect, sweaty foot... she wiggles her toes inches from your face and then orders you to smell them. She tells him to suck and lick her feet and says "just give in to them... give up"... you feel yourself growing weaker and weaker as you obey her. Then she turns around so her ass is right in your face.... She tells you "smell it... smell the greatness of your Goddess". She tells you "it's ok to be pathetic and weak for my ass... it's only right". She calls you at ATM machine again and asks "what are you going to for this ass?"... you babble about all the money you are going to give her and all the gifts you are going to buy for her. The she commands you "get down on your fucking knees. Be a good slave for your Goddess." She tells you "it's not going to be cheap to be my slave... you have been warned". She knows you are completely under her spell and she knows she can easily take everything from you. She laughs at you as you try to get her face in her ass and says "I'm going to ruin your fucking life... I own you". She commands you "BEG ME... BEG ME TO RUIN YOUR FUCKING LIFE... it's what you want" as she wiggles her ass and wet pussy in your face... you can see how wet her pussy as as she spreads her ass wide.. and then she says "EAT MY FUCKING ASS... SHUT THE FUCK UP AND EAT MY FUCKING ASSHOLE NOW!! In the end, she makes you jerk off to her perfect pussy and ass while she reminds you that she owns you!! THIS IS ONE OF THE HOTTEST FINDOM CLIPS EVER MADE!!! YOU WILL WATCH IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND YOU WILL WANT TO DO ANYTHING TO PLEASE GODDESS VICKI! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, PUSSY WORSHIP, CUM COUNTDOWN, FINDOM, AND MORE!!!
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