Humiliation Pov - Miss Lucid - Sexy Psychoanalyst Helps Curious CEI Boys

Added: 24-02-2024

Hi, you must be my next patient. My assistant told me that you are a special case. You mentioned that you have a curiosity that won't go away, a curiosity about tasting your own cum after masturbating. And I see that you have a lot of doubt and hesitancy about trying out this new method that I'd like to try with you. But don't worry, you're not my first case like this. There have been other men before you who have come to me with this same urge. You've come to the right place. I am a sex psychoanalyst and I'm experienced in these types of things. I've had other cases in which certain clients of mine have actually had an addiction to eating their own cum after every orgasm. Now don't worry, I'm not saying that you will develop this kind of addiction, I'm just saying you're not the only one. But addiction to this type of thing is a possibility.

So let's begin. I want you to take your clothes off. Don't worry, it's ok, I'm a professional and I deal with men's kinks all the time. And in my practice, I've found it helpful if I entice you with a little bit of encouragement as you jerkoff in front of me. I want to see you masturbate in front of me, and then eventually, when I allow you to achieve orgasm, and when you do, I'm going to encourage you to eat it in front of me. I've found this method to be very effective. Now you can taste as much as you want, but most men who come to see me for this type of therapy, they end up eating their whole load for me. And if you want to impress me and show me that you're serious, then you will eat your entire load of cum for me today, do you understand? Good.

Let's get started. I can see you're already getting hard. Is it the thought that you're about to eat your own cum that is making your cock so hard? Hmmm, ok, well I want you to start stroking it for me. I can tell you still have doubts, you seem nervous, but remember, I am a sex therapist and it's ok to jerkoff in front of me on my floor. And if you need some more encouragement, I can take off my top, as if you weren't already excited by how hot your therapist is, now you'll be even more turned on. You see, I know exactly what I'm doing. I'm going to encourage you to stroke for me and you're going to stroke because you want to get to know yourself better and you want to impress me of course. Stroke and stroke and stroke. Stroke to my hot little body. I'm sure you've never had a therapist quite like me before.

Just look at how sexy my body is. Keep stroking for me. I'm going to let my hair down because I really want to get into this exercise with you. Keep stroking but do not cum yet, I want to be the one who will dictate when you can cum. It will all tie into your kink, you'll see. I have your best interests at heart. You will be eating your entire load for me. Good, I'm glad you understand. I'm going to undress some more and continue teasing you. I'll bet you never envisioned therapy to go like this, did you? Now stroke to my ass. Good boy. But don't cum yet. You love therapy, don't you? Stroke for me with my body teasing you. Isn't therapy just so great?

You look like you're getting close. That did the trick, didn't it? It always does. Are you ready to cum? I'm going to do a cum countdown for you and when I get to one, you're going to bust all over your hand for me and then I'm going to make you clean off your hand. 3, 2, 1... cum all over your hand for me. Good boy. And now I want you to suck every finger. Lick it up while I watch you. It's not so bad, is it? I think you kinda like eating it for me. Now lick your palm clean and swallow it without hesitation. Good boy. It wasn't so bad, I can tell this won't be your last time eating your own cum from the way you licked every finger for me. We can schedule another appointment and I'll have another exercise for you.

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