Domina Elara - Mesmerize - Is this a Dream

Added: 24-02-2024

"Can you trust your mind?
** This Mesmerize Clip is filled with Special Effects, Countdowns, Visually Stunning Backgrounds, Multiple Costumes, A Master Piece **
You wake up from an accident by a beautiful, sexy nurse. She insists on making you feel better, stroking your cock, encouraging you to feel good. As she pumps your cock, you feel yourself become tired.
You finally wake up again, the same nurse, but in a different and now white uniform... strange. She tells you to not masturbate, that you were just in an accident and you really shouldn't be increasing your heart rate. Her cleavage looks so sexy... but you fall into a mental haze.
As you wake up again, you see the sexy nurse stroking you, moaning, she makes you stroke. She makes you stroke faster by making you follow the stop light system. Moaning and teasing you, multiples of her appear before your eyes in various states of sexy undress, teasing you. You must be getting out of your mind with all the medication that is being pumped into you for pain.
Before you know it, your cock is hard, rigid and the nurse in the white uniform appears, insisting you should not stroke because she does not want you to get hurt, but somehow despite her telling you this, she is taking off her uniform, exposing her full cleavage. It's confusing, erotic, overwhelming. You know you should probably not stroke, but she keeps teasing you with her body.
She gives you a countdown, telling you to not cum but the sexy nurse appears trying to make you cum by the end of the count down.
** This was a unique custom order, no name included, available for all to enjoy! I LOVE making your fantasies into reality, place your order on my clip site. **
mp4 | 1920*1080 | 2,49 GB | 00:17:47


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