Goddess Nikki Kit - Your Body Belongs to Me Now

Added: 23-02-2024

If you want to be My owned pet that means that I will own your mind, body, and soul completely. You will become one of My toys and a servant to My Empire. That means that I need you in good shape physically and mentally for both our training sessions and your servitude. That means that you are probably going to need to make some major changes to your lifestyle to follow My orders. You are going to be making some sacrifices for Me, My pet. If you want Me to own you that means you need to be worthy of ownership. If you spend all day stuffing poison down your throat you are destroying your body and your mind. I am sure I wouldn’t consider what you regularly eat to be food. You have gotten used to living a life based on convenience and not thinking about your actions. I understand how it happened; you are a weak male who has a hard time thinking for himself and you have no dominant female figure in your life to make you behave. You may be an adult now, but you sure don’t act like it. Submission to a dominant female can help to restore balance in your life and lead to complete bliss. However, if every other aspect of your life is wildly out of balance My training won’t work. You could watch My training clips for hours a day and not truly understand the message if your mind is not fertile for new information. A complete submissive transformation means rebuilding you from the ground up and ensuring your priorities are straight. *This was a custom clip order*

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