Goddess Valora - Goon Date

Added: 21-02-2024

Where are you going? On a date??? LOL! That’s cute. No you’re not. You’re going to have to cancel on that girl and stay home with me. Because you know that you would much rather goon to me than to go on a date with some girl who’s probably just going to use you for dinner. Some girl who probably won’t even like you, because with dating you always run that risk. But with me, you know what the end result is. You know you’ll at least get some action lol. You know I’ll let you goon all night, which to you, is better than getting laid. You know that gooning for hours on end is going to be more satisfying than interacting with some girl who will never accept the things that you’re into. You’d have to explain to her that you like to goon and edge, and that’s a really uncomfortable conversation to have with a girl on your first date, isn’t it? So you’re going to just stay at home and goon for me. You’re going to stroke your cock for me all night. Because face it, I’m your date, that’s what you really want. You want to date me and goon for me, a girl who already knows you and your needs. A date with me will involve so much stroking that you’ll never want to date another woman again after one goon date with me. With me you know exactly what to expect. So I want you to beg right now to date me. Beg me to let you cancel your date with this girl, whoever she is, and date me instead. A gooning date. And this doesn’t have to our only date. In fact, you’re going to be doing this all the time. You can turn on your computer and go on a date with me whenever you want. Did you really think you were going to go out and have a social life? LOL! I never said that you could. Gooners like you have to stay home and tug their cocks for hours and hours, each and every night to me while I tease you and your horny cock. Gooning is more your speed, dating isn’t for you, unless it’s with me of course. You just want to be my little gooner, stroking and gooning to my beauty. And you know that once I allow you to cum, it’s going to feel way better than knowing you just got used again for dinner by another random girl. This is going to satisfy you, you already know it. And let’s be honest, this is what you’d prefer to do anyway. So tell me, what would you rather do tonight? Go on a date with a stranger who will probably reject you like every other girl, or go on a goon date with me, someone who knows how to manipulate you and your cock and make you beg for what you want the way you like it. I knew you’d choose me. It wasn’t very hard to convince you. Now get some lube and some tissues and go buy a lot of my clips and we’re going to go on the date that you really crave, the date that you deserve. You’re going to goon to me for hours and I’m going to satisfy you like she never could.
Duration: 6:3s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD


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