Princess Ellie Idol - HOMO FOR A PROMO

Added: 24-12-2023

Lingerie-clad with a dildo in her hand, your wife brings up an upcoming chance for a promotion at work. She's worried as there are much better candidates for the position than her. Only thing that makes her stand out is...well, you. Her and her gay boss are constantly joking around about him snatching your sexy ass up for himself. Well, she thinks she can use this to her advantage. She wants you to go homo to get her a promo! While you've never had any fantasies about sucking or fucking dudes your wife has somehow managed to convince you. Though, you'll need some coaching. She pulls out two dildos of various sizes and has you suck on them. After all, she has no idea what size cock her boss has! She also has no idea how it'll play out. Will he want to be fucked by you, her handsome husband with a great cock? If so, you can always just pretend it's your wife you're doing from behind. The greater challenge though would be if the boss wants you to suck him and be fucked by him. This is where your wife's training will come in. Plus, she knows you've watched so much porn that you can just put yourself in the woman's shoes! Not to mention it's not like cock is foreign to you. You're the pro when it comes to stroking your own penis. You KNOW what dicks like! After some successful dildo sucking, your wife says it's now time for. You're scared but her presence is relaxing and soon you're not hating feel yourself about to burst!! Your wifely makes you cum hard as fuck and you feel more confident about the situation. You love your wife and you'll do anything to please her. Tomorrow, you'll be doing some cum eating training but for now, it looks like your wife is hoping you have a round 2 orgasm in you. She's super horny for her bi-in-training hubby!
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