Alisandra Midas - Corporate Spy vs CEO

Added: 21-12-2023

You enter your CEO office to find a representative of another company waiting for you. She proposes an acquisition deal and is hoping to negotiate the terms. You manage to notice her deep full cleavage as she lists a ridiculously low price offer to which you can't help but respond by laughing. She doesn't blink an eye and invites you to look at it closely, at which point you do happen to notice that the price has very nice, round, big... zeros in it, and it starts to become more appealing with her every word... She urges you to sign the deal, and you find yourself answering her various questions as well as giving her information about the company which you are pretty sure you were not supposed to disclose... Her words and movements seem to have this mesmerizing effect on you, making your feel drowsy and relaxed. You try to fight this dreamy state, with your last ounce of resolve you manage to push the emergency button and call the security. But the two male guards who enter your office are no match for the redhaired siren, she mesmerizes them as well and orders them to forget they were called. You are left at her mercy once more. She even makes you call the security again and confirm it was a false alarm. You obey, unable and incapable of resisting the urge to make her happy. She uses her natural charms to clear your pockets of all the cash, cards, and any jewelry you have on you, before making you give her the password to your bank account, character by character, taking her perfect breasts out of her sexy bra and destroying any chance of resistance. But when she offers you a pen so you can finally sign the contract, you fight the urge to grab it and sell your company with everything you have. That's when she pulls out her secret w34pon, and suddenly your mind goes blank. When you come to, you can only vaguely remember the feeling of her hand on your hard throbbing cock, the movement of the pen signing the deal the moment you exploded in the best orgasm you've ever had, and her instructions to refer your wealthy CEO friends to her for a meeting of their own. She calls you a good boy one last time before leaving, and you realize you've never felt happier and more complete in your life.
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