Goddess Nikki Kit - Feminized by Boss or Fired Blackmail Fantasy

Added: 19-12-2023

In this blackmail-fantasy video, you get caught crossdressing by your boss. She will make you dress up and amuse her and her friends, OR she will fire you and send some embarrassing security footage to ALL of the company's employees.
I am the CEO of a highly successful lingerie company, The Queen's Court. You are an employee that has worked at My company for a long time. I call you into My office first thing in the morning to discuss a matter of security and dignity.
This past weekend I had a matter of security brought to My attention. You must have missed the memo while you were on your little vacation. We made a lot of upgrades to security while you were away. I received several complaints from the models and other attractive women that work here about sexual harassment. Of course, being a firm believer in female supremacy, I immediately covered the entire building with security cameras to catch these pigs and fire them on the spot.
The first report that I received from the security guards included several videos of you. Do you know what I am referring to? No? Well, then, I'll tell you what I saw.
I watched over an hour of content with you helping yourself to the lingerie produced by My company. I saw you trying on corsets, pantyhose, bras, and so many different pairs of panties that it makes My head spin. Clearly, you love dressing as a woman and dancing around in front of mirrors. Since you have this desire to dress up and entertain, I will give you an ultimatum. Either I send this security footage to the entire company, OR you follow My every command to the letter.
If you want this to remain our little secret, you will be the entertainment at My parties with My girlfriends. These little dress up games will become part of your job here. You can model the newest lingerie for My other powerful female friends and Me. Every Saturday night, YOU will be the main show.
There is also the matter of you working in the building. You will be monitored at ALL times to ensure you are following My orders and WORKING while you are at work. Don't worry; you'll get plenty of dress-up time EVERY Saturday night from here on out.
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